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Assure Services Assists AngelMD in Their Mission to Build the World’s Largest Network of Medical Startups //

Assure partners with the most influential and successful leaders in the private investment community, including AngelMD located in Houston, Texas. AngelMD is a strong force in the healthcare investment industry having helped over 1,000 physicians and angel investors connect with companies and clinical applications ultimately providing a positive impact in the growth of the healthcare space. They have accomplished all of this in just 2 years.


AngelMD’s main goal is to help healthcare startups reach for the capital, data, and support they need to thrive. They set themselves apart in the healthcare community through innovative technology that allows experienced physicians to evaluate and advise startup companies. This digital platform gives AngelMD an advantage in creating optimal success for investors looking to find superior investment opportunities while supporting entrepreneurs and startups every step of the way. They offer connectivity to over 10,000 investors and physicians as part of what is quickly becoming the largest network of medical startups in the world.


Assure partners with great clients like AngelMD with a seamless work flow process that results in mutual success and a long-lasting relationship. The Assure team coordinates with AngelMD to solidify the investment documents, side letters, investor information, and tax documents needed to close every deal. AngelMd’s recent visit to Salt Lake City was an excellent opportunity for Assure and AngelMD to run a complete audit of all AngelMD investment funds. The ability to work side-by-side was highly beneficial and improved our interactions as a result of developing a deeper understanding of the internal process. Assure has been partnering with AngelMD for nearly 2 years.


Assure is the leading provider of outsourced administrative and transaction services for the private investment marketplace. The company offers professional, high-quality services and innovative software that streamlines setting up, closing and managing back-office fund administration for angel and private asset investing. Their approach, which allows clients to structure and close deals faster, cheaper and with more transparency, helped pave the way for the ascendance of the “super angels,” special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and micro VCs. The company has worked with more than 200 clients, including AngelList, EquityZen, Equidate, Tribeca Angels, Bitwise and Village Global, structuring and closing over 3,500 deals with $2.0 billion assets under management. Assure offers a full suite of services including SPVs, fund accounting and fund taxes, cryptocurrency fund administration, Exempt Reporting Advisor (ERA) services, KYC/AML services, and 506(c) accreditation. For more information about Assure, visit www.assure.co.