About Assure

Assure’s combination of multi-faceted expertise, efficiency and value is unique in the private equity marketplace. Because of the firm’s distinctive focus on the evolving needs of private transaction investors and projects, we service more financial transactions than any other firm of our kind.

Assure team members have provided support and leadership for some of the most innovative and dynamic industry initiatives in the U.S.– including launching and managing the State of Utah’s $300 million Fund of Funds program, providing due diligence and advisory services for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s $1-billion early-stage venture capital initiative, and created the LLC syndicate administration service used by AngelList, SeedInvest, EquityZen and more.

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Accounting Associate

Assure is seeking to hire an accounting associate to assist our team with its growing number of clients and services. This position is open to those who are highly organized self-starters in a fast-paced environment.

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Banking Analyst

The banking analyst will manage and execute the day-to-day banking activities of Assure, its services and its products through working closely with various teams and performing the necessary tasks. This person’s main responsibility will involve daily ACH, Wire, and online banking transactions for external customers, filing the necessary paperwork to get bank accounts set up and shut down, and reconciled. We are seeking an associate that can manage our banking service at a high level with exceptional detail and quality. Although this position will mainly encompass our banking product, this person may also be asked to assist with other accounting and administrative tasks..

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Full Stack Developer

Assure Services is looking for a full-stack developer with 2-5 years experience. Assure is updating and rebuilding the technology tools used to support its business processes. The primary initiative is to revamp and build new platform tools for delivering services to clients. These tools include automation of business processes, database design, data integration, etc. At the same time Assure is updating its technology infrastructure to support the platform tools as well the technology needed to run the business. The Full Stack Developer will provide support for both of these initiatives by helping design and build the platform tools.

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