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No other firm can match Assure Services’ expertise, speed, and management of such a broad array of bookkeeping and tax services all with one service provider.


Assure allows startup companies the ability to outsource a wide variety of bookkeeping and tax services in order to consolidate and simplify tasks, freeing clients to focus on important business objectives. Assure’s accounting team can handle basic company bookkeeping to the most complex financials.  Assure’s goal is to position clients with the ability to provide financial reporting to their team and investors with convenience and transparency.

Services start at $300 per month



// Weekly data entry and categorization

We record and categorize income and expenses.

// Monthly bank and credit card reconciliations

Optional add on bookkeeping  *additional fee

// Accounts receivable processing-invoicing and collections

// Accounts payable processing bill-pay

// Tax preparation, cash basis

// GAAP accrual basis financials

// Build capitalization table changes and make necessary changes

// General ledger and chart of account set up

// Monthly cash financials



Assure provides companies the help and resources to take their basic financials and convert them into GAAP compliant financials. This process must take place when companies are planning to raise additional funds through Regulation Crowd Funding or CF offerings which require filing GAAP compliant financial statements including footnotes with the SEC.

Services start at $500 per month



Assure allows mature companies who are not equipped with experienced technical personnel to outsource and prepare due diligence for raising additional funds for $1 million or more in a Series A or later round for potential new investors. This is extensive with requirements. We follow a normal Due Diligence Request List for Security Offerings.

$150 Hourly rate (50+ hour average time frame needed)



// Financial Statements

We provide Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flows, Changes in Equity, along with GAAP Basis and 2 year comparative financials (latest fiscal year and prior year).

// Balance Sheet schedules

We prepare and review schedules as needed which include assets, liabilities, and equity.



// Exceptional Experience

Our deep expertise in bookkeeping allows us to act as trusted advisors that provide best practices for our full suite of services. Our financial experts include CPA’s with 20+ years of experience and working with Quickbook Pro Advisors for over 10+ years.

// Lower  Costs

Our low fees for basic bookkeeping services, combined with our innovative technology, make it cost-effective to outsource part or all of your bookkeeping services. This not only increases your bandwidth, it helps you control costs by consolidating multiple responsibilities within a single outsourced service provider and partner, a partner you can rely on to guide you well into the future.

// Customized Services

We’ll customize services to match your budget and financial needs. Our team works side-by-side with your team to create a financial solution to the maturity of your business.



//   Trusted advisors

//   Comprehensive bookkeeping services

//   Deep expertise

//   Monthly Reporting

//   Reliable timeframe



Assure Services is the leading provider of outsourced administrative and transaction services for the private investment marketplace. Our deep knowledge and commitment to providing seamless SPV and fund administration service, coupled with our innovative technology, is transforming how deals get done.



// SPV Administration

No other firm can match Assure’s specialized expertise, speed, or cost-effectiveness in delivering SPV services to the private investment community.

// Cryptocurrency

Assure is one of the largest and most experienced firms for handling SPVs with crypto subscriptions and pre-ICO KYC procedures.

// Exempt Reporting Advisor

Assure provides expert assistance related to the setup, management and reporting associated with SEC and State Exempt Reporting Advisor (ERA).

// KYC/AML Services

Assure’s KYC/AML services ensure that our clients’ investment funds follow applicable state, federal, and international law regarding terrorist and money laundering risk and reporting requirements.

// 506(c) Accreditation

Assure provides third-party verification services to review the fund’s accreditation status and each individual investor’s status as applicable. We also issue a status letter in accordance with SEC guidelines.